SET Solved Paper-III On Topic : Solved Paper-III SET(MH) May 29 2016

Que : 1 . The most important advantage of an integrated circuit is its :

1. Easy replacement in case of circuit failure
2. Extremely high reliability
3. Reduced cost
4. Low power consumption
Please Select Ans Options .

Option 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the correct answer
The advantages of Integrated Circuits are:

  1. Very small size: Hundred times smaller than the discrete circuits.
  2. Lesser weight: As large number of components can be packed into a single chip, weight is reduced
  3. Reduced cost: The mass production technique has helped to reduce the price,
  4. High reliability: Due to absence of soldered connection, few interconnections and small temperature rise failure rate is low.
  5. Low power requirement: As the size is small power consumption is less.
  6. Easy replacement: In case of failure chip can easily be replaced