Practic Mode : Paper-I On Topic : Research Aptitude

Que : 1 . Which of the following options are the main tasks of research in modern society?
I) to keep pace with the advancement in knowledge.
II) to discover new things.
III) to write a critique on the earlier writings.
IV) to systematically examine and critically analyse the investigations/sources with objectivity. (June-2006)

1. IV, II and I
2. I, II and III
3. I and III
4. II, III and IV
Please Select Ans Options .

Option 1 is Correct Answer.
Option 1 is most suitable because in modern society, the research has 3 basic roles.
1) The students whether in pure sciences⁄social sciences have been trained in scientific methodology in order to keep⁄develop the adequate potentiality of scientific Attitude towards life, man and society. That´s why a realistic training has been imparted in Labs⁄Fieldwork⁄Through preparation of reports.
2) It is an era of vertical progress in science and only the person having scientific bent of mind may find himself more interactive⁄manipulative in the ongoing society.
3) The task of research is also to satisfy timeless inquisitiveness of human mind. Therefore, it is also having discovery oriented apporach