Practic Mode : Paper-II & III On Topic : Web Technology

Que : 1 . Match the following with respect to java.util.* class methods :

a) Bit Set               i) Time zone  getTimezone( )
b) Calendar             ii) int hashcode( )           
c) Time zone            iii) int nextInt( )       
d) Random               iv) Void setID(String tzName)    (J-2012 III)

1. a) ii b) i c) iv d) iii
2. a) iii b) iv c) i d) ii
3. a) iv b) iii c) ii d) i
4. a) ii b) i c) iii d) iv
Please Select Ans Options .

Option 1 is Correct Answer.
int hashCode() - Returns the hash code value for this bit set.
The java.util.Calendar.setTime(TimeZone) method sets the time zone with the given time zone value.
The setID(String ID) method is used to set the time zone ID. This does not change any other data in the time zone object.